Fareham school allows pupils to wear PE kits in UK heatwave

Students at Fareham Academy in their PE kit this week
Students at Fareham Academy in their PE kit this week
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IT is important they are comfortable so they can concentrate on learning.

That is the reason Fareham Academy pupils have been allowed to wear PE kits during the heatwave which has seen temperatures reach up 30C around the country.

Senior assistant headteacher at Fareham Academy David Butterworth explained the change in uniform has been part of the school’s policy over the last few years.

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He said: ‘We decide early when we know the weather is going to be like this and post on social media so parents know their child can wear the PE kit to school.

‘It means they are just a bit more comfortable as our classrooms get very hot and it is important they can get on with their work and not be boiling.

‘It is our way of giving back to them and letting them know we are grateful they are still coming to school and working hard despite the hot weather.’

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Staff have also been allowed to swap a suit and tie for shorts and flip flops.

Mr Butterworth added: ‘The teachers have also incorporated the hot weather into their lessons and make it relevant to their curriculum as well as some taking their classes outside in the shade.’