Fareham school steps back to the 50s to rock out

CELEBRATION Children at Harrison Primary School. Picture: Steve Reid (122237-465)
CELEBRATION Children at Harrison Primary School. Picture: Steve Reid (122237-465)
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THEY came to Rock the Joint – and more than 600 pupils, teachers and staff did just that as part of their ongoing celebrations of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.

Everyone at Harrison Primary School in Harrison Road, Fareham, took part in the dance routine, which was filmed by a professional company for release to those who took part as a commemorative DVD.

The song Rock the Joint by Bill Haley and The Comets, was chosen as it is also marking its 60th year.

And with teachers dressed-up as members of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies from Grease, many of the pupils were also in 50s style – with quiffs and leather jackets for the lads, while the girls had their scarves and skirts.

Each year group was filmed separately throughout the day in various locations, including Fareham’s nearby town centre and at Fareham Leisure Centre.

But for the big finale, captured by Clive Jackson Video Productions, everyone was filmed together doing the routine in front of the school.

The whole thing will now be edited into a 15-minute film which will go out to the pupils along with a CD of 50s songs sung by the children.

Alison Dea, the school’s performing arts head, helped organise the project. She said: ‘We had a massive celebration for the Diamond Jubilee, but we always do something musical every year, so we thought we could do something musical for it as well.

‘The children have really got into the spirit of it.

‘We had the Swing Dance Company from Fareham come in here for a couple of days to help with the choreography and teach the children.

‘It’s been very hectic and a lot of hard work, but I think it will be worthwhile in the end. This is only the second time we’ve done something like this with the whole school – we did Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire two years ago.’

Rupert Rogers, 10, said: ‘I think it’s amazing. We get to do all this stuff and not every school gets to do things like this.’

Classmate Holly Cadle, 10, added: ‘It has been really fun. I do like the dressing up and dancing and we get to show what we can do.’

And Danny Harvey, 10, said: ‘It’s hard to learn all the dance steps, but I think I got it right in the end.’