Fareham secondary school is awarded top marks by Ofsted inspectors

RESULT! Henry Cort Community College's principle Phil Munday sits in on an art class                    Picture: Paul Jacobs (112413-3)
RESULT! Henry Cort Community College's principle Phil Munday sits in on an art class Picture: Paul Jacobs (112413-3)
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OFSTED has rewarded a school with top marks, saying students have an ‘excellent relationship’ with their teachers.

Henry Cort Community College in Fareham was given an outstanding grade by inspectors who visited earlier this year.

They noted that exam results had improved in recent years and said teaching was good and sometimes outstanding.

The inspectors added that students had an excellent awareness of how to stay safe and healthy and that they behave very well around the site and are polite, pleasant and positive.

And staff cared for and supported the students well, with the curriculum offering a good mixture of subjects, added the report.

Headteacher at the school Phil Munday said that treating the students with respect is the key to a healthy student-teacher relationship.

‘To get young people to perform at their best, they have got to respect you,’ he added.

‘It’s important that we explain to them why they have to do these things.

‘It’s about modelling the way we want them to behave towards us by the way we treat them.

‘Good relationships come by treating them with respect.

‘As teachers we have to respect students.

‘They are young people with opinions and thoughts.’

In the last inspection in October 2007, the school received a good report.

Overall, Mr Munday said he and his staff are thrilled with the results.

‘We are very pleased,’ he said.

‘It reflects a lot of really good work that has gone on in the last few years.

‘We are delighted.

‘Our curriculum was said to be outstanding which is really important to us because we try to personalise the curriculum for each child.

‘Students spend time off-site doing different things.

‘Trying to find the right curriculum for every child to achieve is quite difficult but I am pleased they have acknowledged that we do that well.

‘I am pleased that the teaching was very good. They thought that our students understood about healthy living as well.

‘Everyone associated with the school should be proud of what has been achieved here.’

Inspectors noted that there were some improvements that the school could work towards.

In all lessons teachers need to challenge students of different abilities when they plan their lessons.

They added that students need to be provided with more opportunities to work and learn more independently.