Focus and hard work will help you succeed, says Apprentice star

BUSINESS Jamie Lester with Nigel Duncan, the acting principal of Fareham College.     Picture: Malcolm Wells (111135-7849)
BUSINESS Jamie Lester with Nigel Duncan, the acting principal of Fareham College. Picture: Malcolm Wells (111135-7849)
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STAR of TV show The Apprentice Jamie Lester has been inspiring students to follow their dreams.

He finished third in the last series of BBC’s The Apprentice.

Yesterday, Jamie spoke to students at Fareham College in a bid to inspire them to follow in his footsteps and become a successful entrepreneur.

He told them how he set up his own business selling properties overseas, before he applied for The Apprentice in 2009.

By the time he was 28 he had made £1m in two and a half years.

He told a group of students: ‘You have got to believe in yourself. Don’t let anybody say “no”.

‘Work experience at your age is absolutely key.

‘You have got to be focused. I was committed to making it work and I did.

‘What I want to tell you today is now is your time to maybe consciously do something to turn you into the next Richard Branson or Alan Sugar.’

Afterwards, Jamie told The News: ‘These guys are our future. I get annoyed hearing that these students have worked so hard in their education and they don’t use it.

‘If they aren’t going to use it, get some work experience.’

Jamie has spent a lot of time talking to students over the past few months and is hoping he can inspire them.

‘As long as they feel that it’s going to be viable or it’s going to do something better then that’s great,’ he said.

‘I hope that these guys listen. The Apprentice gives me a platform to be slightly different because of the hype of the television and so maybe they will think “I can do this”.

Nigel Duncan, acting principal of the college, said: ‘At Fareham College we are extremely proud of our young entrepreneurs and their successes and even some of their failures.

‘That’s how they learn. Today is all about learning more about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

‘You have to have belief in what you want to do. Many of you may have the desire and drive to become entrepreneurs.

‘The opportunities to become an entrepreneur are all around you right now.

‘Today is a fabulous opportunity to explore what being an entrepreneur is all about.

‘Grab it with both hands and enjoy what it has to offer.’

The day-long event gave students advice to find out more about starting their own business and apprenticeships.

To find out more about apprenticeship courses at Fareham College go online to