Food project will help the 
poorest children in the area

HUB Haselworth Primary School headteacher Emma Steele with products for the trash boutique
HUB Haselworth Primary School headteacher Emma Steele with products for the trash boutique
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A school in Gosport is encouraging the community to get involved with a new food project helping the poorest children in the area.

Haselworth Primary School and Gosport Voluntary Action want to create a community hub and have teamed up with The Real Junk Food Project South Coast to trial a ‘trash boutique’.

This is a food bank where you pay what you think the item is worth. The school worked in conjunction with The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP) South Coast, who delivered the food and manned the event held earlier this month.

The food is from supermarkets, restaurants, the public and farms, who would normally throw away produce.

The idea of a trash boutique is to reduce the amount of landfill and Haselworth Primary School believes this is a project which could really benefit families and the elderly.

Chloe Palmer, from TRJFP, said: ‘We are keen to get into local schools, with 4,400 children in Gosport in poverty.’

She also discussed how the TRJFP highlights good things to put into a child’s pack lunch box, including healthy alternatives such as cucumber slices.

Haselworth Primary School also sent out pupils to promote the event through handing out flyers.

Headteacher Emma Steele hailed the event as a big success and due to its popularity, the trash boutique will now be held at the school every Thursday afternoon.

A spokesperson from TRJFP said: ‘We waste 15 million tonnes of food each year in the UK and 60 per cent of that food could have been eaten.’

The school is happy to receive cash, donations, time or skills for their food bank products.

The idea is not necessarily about paying for what you buy but more to display how valuable just offering your time to give back to the local Gosport community can be.

These skills could be washing up, flyer distribution, volunteering, cooking/preparation, deliveries and collections, driving and teaching someone else a skill.