GCSE pupils waiting for grades two weeks after day of results

Miltoncross School in Portsmouth
Miltoncross School in Portsmouth
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FOR most pupils, the eager anticipation or utter dread while waiting for their GCSE results will seem like a distant memory.

But teenagers who studied chemistry at Miltoncross School, in Milton, have now waited two weeks without knowing their final grades.

It comes as the exam board for the subject investigates and moderates grades in the controlled assessment section of the GCSE.

Matthew Clark, 16, of Dodwit Road, Milton, is one of the 25 pupils at Miltoncross hit by the delay, while more have been affected in other parts of the country.

He picked up his grades on Thursday, August 22, only to find a ‘Q’ next to the controlled assessment element of the GCSE.

Luckily, he does not need the grade to get into sixth form.

Matthew said: ‘I was expecting to get all my results on the day, like I’m sure the rest of my class was.

‘I’m okay with it, I’ve got all the grades I need to get into college.

‘But I’ve got a few friends who want to do chemistry at college – as they don’t have that grade the college may not give them access to the course.’

Miltoncross headteacher Fiona Calderbank said she was confident the delay would not mean pupils were denied places at college or sixth form. But Matthew’s mum, Kirstin Knowlson-Clark, 44, added: ‘I want my son to have all of his exam results when they are supposed to be issued. I’m sure other people have the same issue as I do, that it’s not good enough.’

Ms Calderbank told The News the work was passed to exam board OCR by the deadline.

She said the board had moderated marks down on the piece of work and were adding it to exam grades to get the final results.

‘We phoned them on the results day and (the board) said it was with quite a few schools,’ she said.

‘They must have had an issue with their controlled assessment marking, I think.

‘We gave pupils their exam results – if they go to sixth form college and have As in the exams, it won’t be an issue.

‘Exams at the moment are changing all the time and there are glitches now and again but it will come through.

‘They said it will be about a week but it’s longer than that now.’

Six biology students are also waiting for their final grades after the exam board found they had used Wikipedia, the community-edited free online encyclopaedia, to complete research in their coursework.

Cllr Rob Wood, lead for education at Portsmouth City Council, said he was not aware of other schools affected in the area and said the board needs to ‘get its finger out.’

A statement from OCR said: ‘OCR has contacted the school and is investigating the reasons leading to the delay in the issuing of some GCSE results. We are working with the school to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.’