Getting a handle on hygiene at college

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Rock Challenge 2018 Crookhorn''College

PICTURES: Rock Challenge (Henry Cort/Crookhorn College)

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DOOR handles that release a sanitising gel are being tried out by a college.

In a bid to improve hygiene, the handles have been fitted on to the doors of a toilet block at Havant College.

Jenni Andrews, schools liaison and marketing manager for the college, said: ‘The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is installed on normal pull doors and works by emitting, through a specialist valve, sanitising gel on to the hand upon a standard pull-grip.

‘Through its release system the right amount of gel is emitted for each user. By releasing gel on every use the handle enforces hand hygiene compliance and is perfect for corridors, and entrances to sensitive areas such as laboratories and bathroom doors.

‘An independent study found the handle to be 98.5 per cent cleaner than a standard door handle. The company hasalready had success in the food and healthcare markets.’

If the trials prove successful, the handles could be permanently installed at the college.