Girls ready to develop thinking skills

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GIRLS at Portsmouth High School will be adding an extra topic to their timetable to help them develop thinking skills from September.

The subject will be called Sophia and will focus on five different thinking skills that need to be integral in lessons and in homework; enquiring, evaluating, creative thinking, information processing and reasoning.

John Paget-Tomlinson, Portsmouth High School’s director of studies, said: ‘Sophia is Greek for “wisdom” and we want to encourage the girls to become critical thinkers which in the long term makes them more employable.

‘If you want to improve your thinking skills then you need to give your brain a regular workout.

‘We have identified that by enhancing the girls’ thinking skills and encouraging them to be able to think “out of the box” they will be better equipped to deal with GCSE and A-levels and higher education and employment.

‘Being independent and recognising links between areas of the curriculum is a huge asset which many of them have already but we want to enhance those skills.’