Girls take part in TV science experiment

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TWO schoolgirls will be appearing on our screens for an annual televised science lecture for children.

Penelope Batty, 11, and Imogen Glover, 13, took part in an experiment as part of the Christmas Lectures presented by the Royal Institution, a charity dedicated to connecting people with science.

The Oaklands Catholic School pupils supported lecturer Dr Alison Woollard with a demonstration for the show Life Fantastic which explored developmental biology.

The girls were asked to help demonstrate how DNA gives instructions to cells. They played a game of Chinese whispers to show how if those instructions become misunderstood, cell mutation can occur.

Penelope said: ‘I really enjoyed the lectures and it was really fun being part of the Chinese whispers demonstration. My favourite part when was when a box of kittens came on.’

The lecture they appeared in will air on Sunday, December 29, on BBC4.