Global food is focus for the day at Portsmouth school

(l-r) Samuel Barber, Darcie Payne and Yole Alordiah
(l-r) Samuel Barber, Darcie Payne and Yole Alordiah
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CHILDREN have been learning about different foods from around the world.

Flying Bull Academy in Buckland, Portsmouth, got all of its pupils focusing on World Food Day.

World Food Day at Flying Bull Academy'Posey Hewitt  and Peyton Tait PPP-141017-114632001

World Food Day at Flying Bull Academy'Posey Hewitt and Peyton Tait PPP-141017-114632001

The day is held globally each year on October 16, and the theme this time was about family farming.

Children took the opportunity to learn about various aspects of farming, and food across the world, and enjoyed experiences created by a variety of visitors.

Deputy headteacher at Flying Bull, Lee Dallinger, said: ‘It has been a pleasure to see the children finding out about where their food comes from.

‘The staff have provided so many fantastic opportunities for the children to learn about World Food Day.

‘There was a tremendous buzz around the school all day, and the children took part in a wide variety of activities which supported their learning across the new curriculum.’

An assembly was led by Rev Mike from All Saints Church, Commercial Road, Portsmouth and celebrated this year’s harvest.

The food collected from many generous parents and carers was given to the Lake Road Salvation Army Food Bank.

Emma’s Farm provided the children with valuable hands-on activities involving a variety of farm animals, from chickens to sheep to guinea pigs.

And Tesco staff dropped in to give the children the opportunity to try new foods by providing breads, fruit and cheeses from all around the world.

Headteacher Deamonn Hewett-Dale added: ‘It was a really successful day. It went incredibly well. It’s about not taking for granted what we have – appreciating what we have got and always thinking of those that haven’t. Not just those in third world countries but in the UK as well.’

Children used the school’s resources, including the new interactive learning area, to investigate foods from around the world, the healing properties of food, and how to purify dirty water.

They also created art using clay, and dried beans, pasta and pulses, and they learned about the food bank at Portsmouth and what it does.