Good grade for primary where maths is made fun

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A CHURCH school picked at random for an Ofsted survey into maths departments was rewarded with a ‘good’ grading.

Newtown CoE Primary, in Queen’s Road, Gosport, was given a favourable report following a visit in December.

In a letter to headteacher Matthew Prince, the inspector said children entering the school with lower-than-expected maths levels made good progress during their reception year so that their problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy were average by the start of year one.

David Curtis, inspector, continued: ‘Pupils are encouraged to discuss mathematical ideas and concepts with teachers, teaching assistants and each other.

‘This is increasing girls’ confidence in their learning. Behaviour in lessons is exemplary.’

The quality of teaching, curriculum and leadership in mathematics were all deemed to be ‘good’ overall.

Teachers were given the thumbs-up for their good planning and identifying the individual needs of each pupil to make good progress.

The letter read: ‘Teachers’ excellent use of practical resources makes a significant contribution to pupils’ good progress.

‘For example, in a year four lesson on fractions, pupils found the answer to how to share a pack of 15 biscuits between two people by using real biscuits.’

The curriculum was identified as being the ‘driving force’ behind pupils’ rapidly-improving progress.

An example cited by Mr Curtis was the use of a project to design and cost a playground gym to motivate pupils.

He wrote: ‘Year six pupils spoke enthusiastically about how they had to draw to scale and calculate the 15 per cent discount on equipment ordered before a certain date.’