Good rating for Portsmouth’s university in green league table

From left, Paul Stanley, Jo Crisp, George Heasman, Mercedes Bevan, Luke Galea and Bethany Bevan from Highbury College

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THE University of Portsmouth has been given top marks for its efforts to make the campus a green heart in the city.

It has jumped 22 places in a year to be ranked 31st in the People and Planet Green League, an independent league table of 138 UK universities.

Ian McCormack, energy and environmental manager, said: ‘There are things I have done to improve our environmental performance but there are 22,000 people on campus doing their bit too – often what they are doing is good old-fashioned housekeeping, things like recycling and turning off lights and computers.’

If future plans for reducing the university’s carbon footprint like converting to low-energy light bulbs and switching computers off are a success, Mr McCormack says the university will save more than 5,000 tonnes of carbon and more than £3m by 2016.