Gosport pupils get arty to learn about Fairtrade food

FAIR TRADE Katie Garrett with one of the sculptures she helped to make. Picture: Paul Jacobs  (13869-6)
FAIR TRADE Katie Garrett with one of the sculptures she helped to make. Picture: Paul Jacobs (13869-6)

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PRIMARY school pupils in Gosport created sculptures to learn about Fairtrade.

The youngsters at Holbrook Primary School were asked to design and make sculptures relevant to a ‘connected world’, using Fairtrade products to build them.

Fairtrade says its products offer a fair deal to the producer, making sure they are paid the correct amount for goods.

Olly Hiscock, six, a Year 1 pupil, helped make a scarecrow taller than himself from Fairtrade string, a sugar box, tea boxes and banana wrapping.

He said: ‘It’s scary. I made the hat and the hair.

‘We used string and sweet wrappers for the hair.’

Yesterday, Sarah Hirom from Gosport Fairtrade Action and the mayor of Gosport Richard Dickson congratulated the pupils.

Ms Hirom wants the sculptures to go on display in libraries.

Pupils from all year groups from reception to Year 6 were involved in the project.

Pupils from Years 1 and 2 made the scarecrow and pupils from Years 3 and 4 made a globe out of banana boxes from the Co-operative in Lee-on-the-Solent.

Year 5 pupils decided to make a computer to help ‘connect the world’.

And Year 6 pupils took on creating a shopping trolley making it from banana boxes, filling it with Fairtrade product packaging.

Sophie Hutchings, 10, a Year 6 pupil, helped make the trolley, with no help from teachers.

She said: ‘It was harder because we had to get the lines in the same places.

‘It was hard trying to stick everything on.

‘It’s good that farmers get help and that they get a fair price.’

Reception pupils baked more than 200 cakes in one day during Fairtrade Fortnight, with a bake sale raising £96.06 for the organisation.