Gosport pupils put best foot forward for Walk to School scheme

  • Gomer Junior School is taking part in the Walk to School scheme this week
  • Pupils and their parents have been walking from Stoke Bay to the school
  • It is to promote healthy living
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PUPILS are going green and walking to school this week with the help of mascot Basil the Bird.

Gomer Junior School in Gosport is taking part in the national Walk to School initiative.

It is healthy to walk and it is good for you so I have liked taking part.

Shannon Quinn

Families are meeting at the Bayside Cabin cafe at Stokes Bay to walk the short distance to school. So far, around 60 children have taken part.

Organiser of the walk Sarah Bottriell said: ‘This is something we do every year and so far it has gone well.

‘On Monday we had around 25 children walk from Stokes Bay and we had a few more yesterday.

‘Lots of parents have been taking part too which is great to see.

‘The scheme is about parents walking to school as well, so it has been brilliant to have their support.’

Sisters Shannon and Kayleigh Quinn are normally driven to school by their mum Nicola.

But for the scheme, they have been taking part in the walk.

Ten-year-old Shannon, who is in Year 6, said: ‘It is very good to come down to the beach every morning.

‘It is healthy to walk and it is good for you so I have liked taking part.’

Kayleigh, aged nine, added: ‘It has been nice walking to school, especially with my friends.’

Mum Nicola supported the school taking part in the scheme.

She said: ‘It’s brilliant for Gomer to sign up for the project.

‘The kids get excited about it and it’s something different for them.’

For some of the pupils, they normally walk to school anyway but they enjoyed meeting at the beach and walking as a group with Basil the Bird, who is teaching assistant Samm Downing.

Livy Brady, a Year 3 pupil, said: ‘It’s good we can walk to school with our friends. My mum and sister have been walking too which is nice.’

Headteacher Georgina Mulhall said the school in Pyrford Close likes to promote a healthy lifestyle. This is a regular scheme that we take part in to encourage healthy living,’ she said.

‘We also take part in the Big Pedal which gets pupils riding to school on their bikes or scooters.

‘The Walk to School scheme encourages people who might have to drive the opportunity to spend one week walking instead.’