Gosport schools enjoy Wildcat helicopter surprise

Pupils with the navy Wildcat helicopter at Siskin school Picture: Paul Jacobs (151047-1)
Pupils with the navy Wildcat helicopter at Siskin school Picture: Paul Jacobs (151047-1)
  • Royal Navy helicopter landed on two fields at Gosport schools
  • Pupils enjoyed looking inside and speaking with the crew
  • The visit was organised by parents in the navy who have children at the schools
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SCHOOLchildren were given a surprise when a Royal Navy helicopter landed on their fields.

Pupils at Siskin Federation of Schools and Lee-on-the-Solent Infant and Juniors saw the Wildcat land and were able to have a look inside.

The visit of the Wildcat helicopter was amazing.

Assistant headteacher Amanda Wray

They were excited to see it fly in with many clapping and cheering as the chopper landed.

The day was organised by parents who serve in the navy who have children attending the two Gosport schools.

Amanda Wray assistant headteacher at Siskin Juniors in Nimrod Drive, said: ‘The visit was amazing.

‘Not only was it spectacular being so close to a landing helicopter but the whole point of the visit was to raise the future aspirations of the children and the visit did just that.’

Katelyn Symons, 10, said: ‘It was the best thing I have ever seen.’

Fellow junior school pupil Max Kaminski, 10, said the helicopter was ‘epic’ while Frazer Pickett added: ‘I now want to work hard to be a pilot for a helicopter.’

Lee-on-the-Solent Infants also loved seeing the Wildcat.

The children were keen to ask the crew lots of questions.

Headteacher Allyson George said: ‘To see the helicopter first-hand was very exciting for our little ones.

‘Some children won’t have this experience again.’

She added: ‘We have a number of children whose parents are in the forces, so it helps them relate to the jobs their parents do.

‘We try to organise as many experiences as we can to make learning more exciting.’

As well as seeing the helicopter, the children got to hear from the Royal Marines about what they do and they saw some of the kit worn by the pilots.

Siskin pupil Molly Hall tried on a helmet.

The seven-year-old said: ‘It was very heavy and difficult to get on.’

They were shown the route of Type 23 Frigate HMS Lancaster, which was the first ship in the Royal Navy to have the Wildcat helicopters.

The Portsmouth-based ship is currently on a nine-month deployment.

Ms George added: ‘It was great for the kids to see the presentation about what the marines do.’