Gosport students inspired by success of entrepreneur who pays school a visit

Stephen Payne with students from Brune Park School
Stephen Payne with students from Brune Park School
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Students at our school have had a unique visit from the architect and designer of the Queen Mary 2, writes innovation and development manager Stephen Shaw.

Here at Brune Park Community School in Gosport, we have had a visit from Dr Stephen Payne OBE, principal naval architect and designer of the super liner.

We have just launched a new engineering qualification at the school.

Dr Payne delivered two workshops with the 28 engineering candidates with a presentation about the design of the ship, its unique Pod propulsion system and the technology on board.

Dr Payne, a graduate of Southampton University Ships Science programme, encouraged the students to explore their engineered world through the marine sector, much of which is evident in Gosport.

Earlier Stephen addressed the Year 7s with an insight into his journey from being a 12-year-old schoolboy in Catford, London to realising his dream of designing and building the world’s greatest liner.

It starts to raise the aspirations and the opportunities that there are to enable students to reach their dreams in the future.

Yes, it’s hard work but it’s about setting the bar. For them to meet somebody of that standard early on shows it’s achievable. That makes a big difference in school. It will give them the motivation to want to learn more, to research a bit more and find out things that they didn’t know.