Hampshire primary schools sit down to their Sats

Portsmouth university criminologist becomes chairman of The Security Institute

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THOUSANDS of 10 and 11 year olds throughout the region are now half way through Key Stage Two tests that were boycotted last year by more than a quarter of England’s schools.

Headteachers who decided not to put their final year primary pupils through the controversial tests, known as Sats, for reading, writing and maths in 2010 have relented this year with the promise of a major revamp by the government.

Simon Cattermole, chairman of Portsmouth’s primary schools and head of Stamshaw Juniors, boycotted the Sats last year.

He said: ‘Judging a child’s performance on a single week in May is clearly unfair, and we need to get away from that.

‘Teacher assessments are in place but they don’t have the same status as the Sats.

‘The cynics among us would say the government doesn’t trust teachers to do the job.’

The Sats, which are criticised for the encouraging ‘teaching to the test’, kicked off on Monday with two English papers, and will be sitting maths today and tomorrow.