Hampshire pupils smash England seven-year-old scores

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TEACHER assessment scores for seven-year-olds across England show youngsters in Portsmouth and Hampshire are doing better than the national average.

In Portsmouth, the percentage of children achieving the expected level two at Key Stage One is 86 for reading, 82 for writing, 91 for maths and 89 for science compared with 85, 81, 90 and 89 across England respectively.

The same figures across Hampshire come to 89, 86, 93 and 94 per cent.

Howard Payne, head of Medina Primary in Cosham, said the results bode well for future exams like Sats and GCSEs where Portsmouth has historically fallen significantly below the national average.

He said: ‘We’ve put a lot of work over the last three years around letters and sounds for the early years children and our reception teacher has even gone into local nurseries to support the staff.

‘It’s great to see that work paying off and it bodes very well for Portsmouth.

‘This is where a child’s education begins, and if they get it right now, they will be in a very strong position later on in their lives.’

Despite the good news, hundreds of children across the area have fallen behind in the three Rs after just three years in school.

Mr Payne added that for those children who were not achieving expected levels, more intervention work should be put in place immediately rather than waiting until children are about to take their Sats (at 11 years) or GCSEs.