Hampshire schools are urged to join in patriotic uniform day

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ARMED forces charities are calling on schools to sign up to a patriotic non-uniform day.

Later this year, the charities of the three armed forces are organising a Red, White and Blue Day.

Schoolchildren who take part will donate £1 each to wear the patriotic colours in a non-uniform day.

The day is held to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by the children and families of servicemen and women.

Major General Martin Rutledge, the chief executive of Army Benevolent Fund, The Soldier’s Charity, said: ‘When a serviceman or women has to leave their family to serve their country, it’s very hard on those left behind, children in particular.

‘We hope as many schools as possible will join in with Red, White and Blue Day to show their support.’

Schools in the Portsmouth area are wanted to sign up to the event, which takes place on October 11.

To get involved, visit redwhiteblueday.co.uk.

You can also call Patty Wallis on 07769 706 047.