Hampshire students fight it out in debate competition

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STUDENTS waged a war of words in an environmental debating competition.

Fareham College hosted the Friends of the Earth Wendy Burkett Memorial inter-college debating competition, which included teams from Fareham College, Havant College and Bay House Sixth Form in Gosport.

The teams competed by arguing for or against a range of environmental topics in front of a packed audience of environmentalists, classmates and members of the public.

The students were judged on their ability to meet six criteria including clarity, structure and quality.

Ray Cobbett, from Friends of the Earth, said: ‘Debating is a very important life skill to develop.

‘The students needed to use skills from a wide range of subject areas to make a good and justified point about their subject.’

It was a hotly-debated contest but the Bay House Sixth Form team were eventually crowned the winners.

Nigel Duncan, principal of Fareham College, said: ‘All the teams were excellent.’