Havant children take part in exciting citizens event

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YEAR 6 pupils will gather together to find out how to become good citizens.

For 20 years, junior and primary school children across Havant borough have been taking part in the junior citizen event at Fort Purbrook, Widley.

There they are given thought-provoking scenarios by the police and fire service as well as other organisations, to raise awareness of community safety, how to be a good citizen and how to cope and stay safe in certain situations.

Chelsea Haslett, community safety project officer at Havant Borough Council said one of the Safer Havant Partnership’s priorities for the year ahead is to improve the quality of life in local neighbourhoods through involving all generations.

She added: ‘This year’s event is focused on citizenship and the importance of being a good neighbour in the borough.

‘Pupils will be given a pledge to sign to do their best to make their area a better place to live.’

The event will see approximately 1,200 pupils over the two-week period, beginning Monday, at pre-scheduled morning sessions at 9.30am to 11.40am and afternoon sessions from 12.30pm to 2.40pm and will engage them in scenarios to bring this year’s event more up-to-date.

The scenarios will also be delivered by the council’s environment rangers, Hampshire County Council’s Trading Standards, Hampshire Fire and Rescue and the British Red Cross.