Havant junior school’s joy at Ofsted grade

OFSTED Head Jim Hartley with pupils Joe Clark, Gypsey Churchill, Mollie Ives and Ollie McKenna, all eight. ''Picture: Steve Reid (123679-711)
OFSTED Head Jim Hartley with pupils Joe Clark, Gypsey Churchill, Mollie Ives and Ollie McKenna, all eight. ''Picture: Steve Reid (123679-711)
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Picture: Ian Hargreaves (180012-4)

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THE headteacher of a Havant junior school said he is confident they are on track to become ‘outstanding’ after a positive Ofsted report.

Trosnant Junior School was rated ‘good’ in an inspection last month – an improvement on the last time round when the school was graded ‘satisfactory’.

Inspectors said teaching is typically good or better in the majority of lessons.

They say pupils thoroughly enjoy school and have positive attitudes.

And they added that staff are determined to ensure the progress of pupils is continuously improved.

Headteacher Jim Hartley said: ‘Every time someone comes in and says that we’ve done a good job it’s rewarding for lots of hard work.

‘The challenge for us has been to improve standards.

‘We have done that by improving the quality of teaching.’

The school has a special unit for seven pupils from across the south of Hampshire who have behavioural, emotional or social development (BESD) needs.

Inspectors said pupils in the unit manage their behaviour well as they move up through the school and generally they do not disturb the enjoyment and learning of others.

‘That’s very positive for me because those children that we have in there are making good progress too,’ added Mr Hartley.

‘The staff have worked really hard over the last two or three years. You can’t just click your fingers and make children across the school learn more.

‘It’s lesson on lesson, day on day, week on week and year on year. Now the children are on track to do well.

‘The thing that has made a difference is the focus on good and outstanding teachers.’

Now, staff will be working hard to try and become an outstanding school.

Inspectors said there need to be more outstanding lessons, and that teachers need to work on the provision of French in the school.

Mr Hartley added: ‘I have got a really good team. We have got lots of different people at different levels who really want to do well for the children in the school.

‘We are going to be looking at developing modern foreign languages, in our case French.

‘It’s not easy to become an outstanding school but it’s not just about the attainment of the children, it’s about the progress that they make.

‘I think we are on the right path for that.’