Havant pupils meet Olympians as part of sports programmes

Park Community students with Olympic diver Peter Waterfield
Park Community students with Olympic diver Peter Waterfield
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Students from Park Community School have been taking part in sports programmes to promote their physical and mental well-being.

They were chosen to become part of Play Unified, a special Olympics programme delivered by the Youth Sport Trust and funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Sport England.

Park Community School''students involved in a very special Olympics' programme

Park Community School''students involved in a very special Olympics' programme

This fantastic programme creates fully inclusive events for all students, regardless of ability, and inspires sports ambassadors to bring compassion for others through sport.

Havant students Lilly Moore, Trinity Grant, Abigail Poor, Connor Poor, Bailey Newbury, Yannis Razzell, Lauren Hollis, Tayla Chapman, Ella Rothwell, Chloe Robertson, Mason Crespin, Cain Holmes, Callum Allen and Harry Hitchins met with Chris Gregory – England Olympic beach volleyball player.

The students were praised for their performance.

Nieve Riley from the Youth Sport Trust said: ‘What an amazing group of students, so polite and lovely.

‘Bailey Newbury has been exceptional with all the special needs pupils’.

The Olympic theme continued when Olympic silver medallist Pete Waterfield, visited the school.

He worked with Park Community School pupils to improve their diving skills, boost confidence and raise their self-esteem.

This eight-week programme, culminating in high board diving at Havant Swimming Pool, was organised through the school’s connections with community charity Big World Impact.

Students Bailey Abbott-New, Bailey Coates, Cameron Brown, Kyle Rose, Jake Clements, Ben Steere, Harry Gill and Dylan Inglis, were the lucky Year 10 students who were chosen out of a selection of 200.

Jake Clements, Park student, said: ‘It was superb and really challenged me.’

Waterfield was impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm shown by the students throughout the two-month programme.

He said: ‘The students were fantastic and fearless. Well done to them all.’