Headteacher gets ready to prove Ofsted wrong

Richard Carlyle
Richard Carlyle

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THE headteacher of a Gosport secondary school which has been rated inadequate has promised a bright future for pupils at the school.

Bridgemary School was converted to an academy in September last year.

Ofsted inspectors have said that the school has serious weaknesses.

They said achievement in science is inadequate because students do not make the progress they should.

And the science curriculum does not meet the needs of all students – particularly the more able.

‘Too much teaching was seen to be inadequate or needing improvement. But headteacher Richard Carlyle, pictured, said: ‘The school is on a positive journey in terms of improvement.

‘But they couldn’t see the improvement in terms of the national benchmark.

‘While we were on our best ever exam results last year they were still looking at the previous year’s results.

‘They needed to see progress over a three-year period. We are really disappointed with the outcome.

‘They did see in the school some good and outstanding teaching but unfortunately they did also see some inadequate teaching which was disappointing.

‘We have had problems in the science department due to illness.

‘It’s random illness where people are in and out for a number of weeks which creates a disruptive timetable for children.’

Mr Carlyle also said a number of students have studied a BTEC in science which has led to a below-average number of students taking the GCSE.

Ofsted said to improve further the school needs to improve teaching and raise achievement in science as well as improving attendance and punctuality levels.

Mr Carlyle added: ‘We have a new learning director for science in place and we have two new science teachers. We have got strong professional development programmes in place supported by the sponsor.

‘We are confident about this year’s exam results.

‘We are positive. It’s about progress measures. I’m confident the children are going to make progress in line with national expectations.’