Headteacher Julie is at the top of the ladder at Havant fire station

UP HIGH Julie Taylor
UP HIGH Julie Taylor
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HEADTEACHER Julie Taylor was all smiles as she climbed a ladder during a school trip to Havant fire station.

Roped up for her safety, she showed no fear as she scaled the ladder.

She was joined by 20 students from Havant Academy who learned about the value of leadership during the school trip, which was arranged by Craig Sadler, watch manager, and David Hodge, station manager.

The day aimed to challenge the students through a number of team based activities which demonstrate the importance of both leadership and the support of a team.

Firefighter Hodge said: ‘We work closely with the Havant Academy throughout the year and one of our firefighters is based at the school one day per week providing a positive role model for the students.

‘Today’s programme taught the students about leadership skills and what can be achieved with the support of an effective team.

‘The students enjoy the day but more importantly take away increased knowledge about teamwork and leadership, developing important life skills for the future.’