Highbury College students lead way with inventions

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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ROCKETS launched with water pressure, showers powered by cycling and even a mini wind turbine were all made by enterprising college students determined to demonstrate a sustainable way of life.

Students from across a range of departments including art and design and business at Highbury College wowed a panel of industry experts with their green ideas.

Tim Fenn, director of Green Factory, a consultancy specialising in sustainable design and construction, said: ‘I’ve been really impressed.

‘You can see that Highbury is developing people with innovative ideas.

‘More colleges should be doing things like this to get creativity back into education because that’s what we need, new ideas.

‘People are having fun with it – it’s great to see what young people can come up with when you give them a bit of leeway.’

Students from Charter Academy and Highbury Primary were also invited to the sustainability show to see what can be done to protect the environment.