Highbury College to pilot ID card scheme for students

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STUDENTS at Highbury College have been issued with ID cards as part of a pilot project.

The photo cards have been handed to almost 3,000 students this month.

College Principal Stella Mbubaegbu said: ‘It’s a pilot to see to what extent these ID cards make a difference to students in terms of a sense of identity and their safety.’

Questions have been raised over the timing of the scheme – as students in their final year will have had cards made just weeks before they leave.

One student, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: ‘At a time when the college is making major cuts, you have to question whether this really is the most sensible use of funds. It’s a waste of money, especially as many cards will be voided in a month’s time.’

Mrs Mbubaegbu refused to disclose the cost of the scheme but said: ‘We do have a budget for this and it’s a fairly cheap option as we are using existing facilities.’

The college has proposed redundancies and reductions in teaching hours to offset severe funding cuts, as previously reported in The News.