Hola! Spanish summer club is a big success

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YOUNGSTERS got a taste of Spain at a summer club.

The Singing Spanish and French club encourages children to learn languages through playing games, singing songs and doing role play activities.

Spanish and French language holiday club at St Jude's Church, Southsea.

Spanish and French language holiday club at St Jude's Church, Southsea.

It is held at St Jude’s Church in Southsea for children aged between three and 10.

Luna Lopez-Lewit, 10, went along.

She said: ‘It’s fun. We get to learn how to talk in Spanish.

‘It’s a good idea to learn it for when we go to Spain and to countries that speak the language.’

Andre Barlow, six, said: ‘It’s good because I’m learning new languages.

‘I have learnt numbers so I can count to 10. It’s fun.’

Each day there has been a different theme and yesterday children arrived dressed for a day at the beach.

Debbie Garrick, owner of Singing Spanish and French, said: ‘It’s a fun way for your children to learn Spanish.

‘Like you would at any summer club, we play games and that sort of thing but this time we do it in Spanish.’

Debbie added she thinks it is important for children to learn languages at an early age.

‘We live in an increasingly multicultural society and most countries, especially in Europe, place a much greater emphasis on languages than we do in England,’ she said.

‘We’re getting better but there’s a big movement in the UK called Speak to the Future and it is trying to promote language learning because the government believes that there will be a deficit in years to come and there won’t be enough linguists.

‘Children are more flexible so you can speak to them in Spanish or French or any language without them saying they don’t understand,’ she said.

‘They love it. The kids seem to have a really great time.’