I’ll raise standards, says Gosport sixth-form college head

PLEDGE St Vincent College principal Di Lloyd has promised to raise standards
PLEDGE St Vincent College principal Di Lloyd has promised to raise standards
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THE new principal of Gosport’s only sixth-form college has vowed to improve standards following a poor Ofsted inspection.

Di Lloyd, who took on the leadership of St Vincent College last November, admitted she was disappointed with the downgrading from a ‘good’ to ‘satisfactory’ grade.

And she was particularly concerned that the college’s science and maths provision was rated ‘unsatisfactory’.

Inspectors criticised the college’s academic performance and teaching, saying it ‘sometimes fails to challenge all students’.

But they applauded the new leadership team for putting measures in place to tackle areas of underperformance.

They also commended the vocational courses, whose students ‘made significantly better progress than that predicted by their prior attainment’.

Ms Lloyd, herself a former maths teacher, said: ‘There is a lot of good practice at the college.

‘But the main issue is consistency which is needed to ensure every single student is getting the right support.

‘We are getting a lot of support from Hampshire and there have been some staffing changes.

‘If I need to make tough decisions I will – you can’t mess about.

‘The Ofsted framework is changing again in the new year and it will be even tougher, but I’m determined to see every curriculum area rated good by 2013.’

Ms Lloyd has made the areas of teaching and curriculum her main priority.

A new AS-level maths qualification for more practically-minded students has already been introduced, and next year the college will introduce a vocational Btec science paper.

Teachers and students are being routinely observed by curriculum leaders to identify any issues in the classroom as well as outside, in connection with homework and attendance.

And every single student will be set individual targets to ensure they are fulfilling their potential and gaining the right skills to prepare them for either the workplace or university.

Ms Lloyd said: ‘We need to make sure we are getting the right courses to give our students the skills they need for work or to pursue higher education.

‘St Vincent is an inclusive sixth-form college, which means we will never be a college that only offers A-levels.

‘We have to give students at all levels the tools to succeed, which is why it will always be a challenge to reach the national benchmark.

‘But it’s a challenge I want to take on.’




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