‘I’m in charge of worrying’ - teacher sets fun homework for SATs pupils

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A teacher’s homework fun list to stop her pupils worrying about SATs tests has been widely praised.

The note sent to Year 6 pupils at Bucklebury Primary School in Reading has gone viral on social media.

It was written by teacher Mrs Thom and instead of more traditional revision, it suggests a variety of fun activities for pupils to do in the weekend before their tests.

They include laughing until your tummy hurts, watching a favourite TV programme, going outside and enjoying the weather, eating ice cream and sweets - and smiling.

Mrs Thom told pupils that if they really felt they needed to revise their subjects, they should do so for no more than an hour.

Her note ends: “Mrs Thom is in charge of worrying - you don’t need to. You are all amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of you.”