In the Classroom: Locks Heath Junior

Locks Heath Junior School pupils with a time capsule from 2007 found by builders. From left, Laura Delahay 10, Isla Croll 9, Ryan Upton 10, Eddie Haworth 10, Ellie Merritt 10. Picture: Paul Jacobs (150136-1)
Locks Heath Junior School pupils with a time capsule from 2007 found by builders. From left, Laura Delahay 10, Isla Croll 9, Ryan Upton 10, Eddie Haworth 10, Ellie Merritt 10. Picture: Paul Jacobs (150136-1)
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Our school, Locks Heath Junior, is undergoing a massive redevelopment within the school grounds, writes admin assistant Lisa Evens.

Temporary huts which have been used now for nearly 21 years are being demolished and new classrooms will be built attached to our school.

We can’t wait for next year when all our classrooms will be under one roof and we can play on the new playground.

The contractor Morgan Sindall, which is employed to carry out the work, has been busy with phase one of the build, laying foundations and installing drainage pipes.

We have seen lots of diggers, and seen workmen in fluorescent jackets.

And we have heard lots of drilling noises as they break up the concrete on our playground.

While Morgan Sindall were using one of their diggers on our old playground to make a channel for some water pipes, it unearthed something quite unusual.

At first, no-one had any idea what it was, maybe a scrap piece of metal, or something from a previous building – but what it actually turned out to be was a time capsule dated from 2007.

In 2007, our school celebrated its centenary and to mark this occasion, obviously a time capsule was buried.

Yet over the years, no-one knew exactly where it had ended up.

It was a bit of a shock to see this time capsule again after eight years.

But we are all excited to know what is in it.

The time capsule is a cylinder made of silver aluminium, about a foot long and a bit muddy.

Unfortunately, when the digger lifted it from the ground, it slightly damaged the surface of it – although it is still intact we can’t see what’s inside it.

Kevin Parfoot, our headteacher, has told all the teachers in the school of this exciting find and later in an assembly he told all the children.

Since then, we have wondered what we are going to do with it – and more intriguingly, what is in it?

We thought it would be a moment in history to open it with the school council present, to see what secrets it holds.

Who knows what we will find?

The school council have decided that they will add some more memorable objects and writing to the time capsule and re-bury it.

This time, however, a special plaque will mark the spot where it’s buried so no digger digs it up again.

What the pupils say...

Isla Croll, nine, Year

‘I am excited about opening the time capsule because you never know what’s in it.

‘Everybody is questioning what is inside this mysterious time capsule but we have a few ideas.

‘We are super excited and the whole school is buzzing.’

Ellie Merritt, 10, Year

‘I‘m excited to see what is inside the time capsule because I have had lots of ideas on what we should do when it’s opened and what we could put in our new one.

‘I’m interested in how Morgan Sindall felt when they discovered it. I bet they were fascinated.’

Eddie Haworth, 10, Year 6

‘As a school councillor I’m excited about what we are going to put inside the e capsule.

‘I’d like to see what’s inside the capsule as well as putting objects inside. We think we are going to put in photos of the building site of our new school.’

Ryan Upton, 10, Year 6

‘We are so excited that the builders have found a time capsule from 2007 and that we will be opening it.

‘Nobody knows what is in it because our headteacher only joined two years ago.

‘This is going to be a real surprise to all of us.’

Laura Delahay, 10, Year

‘We’re surprised to find the time capsule. Everyone is wondering what will be inside it.

‘When the building work started, I don’t think anyone suspected that a time capsule would be dug up.

‘As a member of the school council I’m excited about what’s in it.’