Information technology map is done by city uni

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SCANDINAVIAN countries are streets ahead when it comes to using computers, mobile phones and the internet, a new study has found.

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth have produced the first global map of data poverty showing where in the world people have the best and worst access to technology.

Iceland, Norway and Finland top the list of 189 countries. The UK is 17th, ahead of Germany, Japan and Russia. Yemen, Myanmar and Burkina Faso are at the bottom. The researchers considered internet speed, access to hardware, mobile-device availability, internet usage and education.

Lead researcher Dr Richard Teeuw, from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, said: ‘Since the 1990s there has been concern about the “digital divide” between the data-rich and data-poor.

‘This map highlights where in the world support is needed for improving access to the internet and mobile phone networks in order to build resilience to the impact of disasters.’