Inspectors heap praise on Gosport service for troubled kids

HAPPY ''Head of Education Centre Linda Alavi
HAPPY ''Head of Education Centre Linda Alavi
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A CENTRE which educates children with behavioural difficulties has been praised by Ofsted.

Inspectors visited The Key Education Centre in Bridgemary and said the provision is good in all categories – an improvement from satisfactory in the previous inspection.

The centre supports children who have either been permanently excluded from mainstream school, or are at risk of this happening.

Inspectors said students’ achievement is good.

The one-to-one tuition service is effective in helping students to take an interest in their education again. As a result, they make good progress in reading, writing and maths. Teaching is good and occasionally excellent.

Headteacher Linda Alavi said: ‘It feels as though we have regained our position that we had previously which is excellent.

‘It was quite challenging but we were extremely pleased with the outcome.

‘So many children arrive well below average for their age. To be able to move them on to a situation where Ofsted recognise their achievement as good is really quite an achievement.’

Staff and pupils moved into a new building in October. Initially, local residents opposed the plans.

But Mrs Alavi said: ‘Since we’ve opened there has not been any problems. Everything seems to be going well.

‘We had been in temporary buildings for 16 years. We had been hoping for a new building for all that time.

‘It’s a fantastic resource for the children.’

Local residents have mixed views. Ronald Ellis, 77, lives in Tukes Avenue.

He said: ‘I’ve got no complaints. You wouldn’t even know it was open. It’s been alright so far.’

Ray Gosling, 74, added: ‘To be honest, it has surprised me how quiet it has been, knowing the type of students who go there.

‘They do congregate outside for a break but other than that they have been very quiet.’

But Dean Ralph, 32, said: ‘There have been loads of kids standing around outside, smoking and being noisy, even spitting on the pavement. Everyone gave up complaining because nothing happened in the first place.’