Investigation into Portsmouth teacher’s Nazi pictures

The Sun's story
The Sun's story

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AN INVESTIGATION is under way after photographs appeared showing a teacher dressed in a Nazi uniform.

Louise Robertson, a teacher at Harbour School in Tipner, Portsmouth, is seen wearing the SS uniform and holding a Nazi flag.

It comes after the story appeared in The Sun showing photographs of the teacher, found on social media.

Now, the school’s headteacher has confirmed an investigation is being carried out.

Krishna Purbhoo, headteacher at Harbour School Tipner, said: ‘Parents have not expressed any concerns to the school about the teacher but following the publication of the article, the school is carrying out an investigation.’

It is understood that the teacher is interested in historical re-enactments.

Leah Turner is a councillor who lives on Hayling Island who is Jewish.

She said: ‘I’m horrified that anybody should dress up in a Nazi uniform whether it’s at a private party or not.

‘It’s just not what you do. It’s so insulting to those who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

‘We commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day every year and we invite local school children so that they can learn about the Holocaust.

‘For a teacher to do this just sends out the wrong message. I am absolutely appalled. It’s just not funny.’

Gerry Shimbart is also Jewish and is a councillor for the Hart Plain ward on Havant Borough Councillor.

He said: ‘Harbour School is a school for children with special needs so she has extra responsibility in that respect.

‘It’s probably ill-judged. It’s part of history so it’s a difficult thing.

‘If they are going to do it in the mainstream way then it will upset people.

‘On the other hand it could be something that brings attention to the atrocities that were committed by the SS. So it’s a double-edged sword. Without knowing this particular teacher’s background, it’s difficult to say.’

Amanda Martin, secretary for the Portsmouth NUT, added: ‘Social media is a dangerous tool that can be used in so many ways.

‘I have full confidence that the local authority will follow the correct procedures to get to the bottom and investigate it and see what’s going on.’

The photographs have now been taken down.

Harbour School educates children who are unable to attend mainstream school due to behavioural, emotional and social difficulties or medical needs.