Iraqi war challenged by student in poems

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A STUDENT at the University of Chichester has self-published a poetry collection about the War on Terror and its effect on Iraq.

Waleed Al-Bazoon, who is studying for a PhD in English literature, says he hopes The War on Idigna will make Western readers more familiar with the conflict.

The 38-year-old said: ‘Most of the fiction and poetry and drama written on that topic are either in Arabic or translated into English and other languages, whereas I wanted to communicate directly about the pains, destruction and the disaster of the war.’

In the collection, Waleed also expresses his views on the outcomes of the war. He added: ‘The war does not defeat terrorism as assumed in its original plan – rather it strengthens this terrorist group during the early years of the invasion.

‘In addition, this war didn’t only bring destruction and chaos, rather it led to a sectarian conflict in Iraq that tore the country into divisions.’

The War on Idigna can be bought at and Amazon, or in bookshops.