It’s Africa calling for retiring Hayling College headteacher

RETIRING Max Bullough is leaving Hayling College. Picture: Malcolm Wells (14347-7422)
RETIRING Max Bullough is leaving Hayling College. Picture: Malcolm Wells (14347-7422)
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Many would say it’s tough surviving as a teacher in today’s secondary schools.

But one headteacher, who has been inspiring children for decades, is about to swap pupils for the wild animals of Kruger National Park, in South Africa.

Max Bullough, from Hayling College, has decided to retire after 20 years at the Church Road school.

Dapper Mr Bullough, who is well known for his love of bow ties, will leave at the end of the summer term having taught most of the island’s families over the years.

He says it will be a wrench for him but he is looking forward to an exciting retirement.

Looking back on his career Mr Bullough said: ‘It’s the finest profession in the world. I’m very excited when any of my pupils say they want to become teachers. It has been a most fulfilling career.

‘Quite often the most special moments are about the children turning around.

‘Children who have not wanted to learn, who have been aggressive towards other people.

‘We have been able to unlock the kindness, the more interested and ambitious side and changed their lives around.’

Mr Bullough began his career as an English teacher at Crofton School, in Stubbington, before moving on to a school in Borden, then on to Hayling College.

He met his wife, also a teacher, at university and she will continue to work while he enjoys his retirement.

He said: ‘I’ve long had a passion for visiting the Kruger National Park to watch the wildlife.

‘It began in 1997 when I was on an international visit to a school in South Africa to see how the school system had changed.

‘I had the chance to visit the park and I just fell in love.

‘I’m planning to spend a year there, doing nothing more than watching the animals, taking pictures and writing.

‘My wife has promised to visit me in the holidays!’

Mr Bullough’s daughter is due to graduate as a teacher in the summer and he said he is immensely proud of her.