Jobs set to go as Fareham College pulls the plug on A-levels

DECISION Fareham College principal Nigel Duncan

FAREHAM College is scrapping its full-time A-level courses after a consistently low take-up from students.

It has announced that no new students will be able to take the courses from September.

It comes as the college has been focusing on vocational courses.

Around six members of staff are expected to be made redundant as a result of the changes.

Principal Nigel Duncan said: ‘Fareham College has, for a number of years, been building the capacity and reputation of its applied, technical and vocational provision.

‘It has extremely high success rates and recruits from a wide geographical area to many of its courses.’

Mr Duncan said that the move to scrap A-levels was purely financial due to the lack of interest from students.

‘It’s economics,’ he said. ‘The numbers of students we were getting who were studying full-time A-levels were reducing to such an extent that we couldn’t afford to run things that aren’t financially viable.

‘With A-levels, we need to offer four subjects for every student.

‘We need to run a reasonable spread of A-levels.

‘There are lots of providers in the area. There are eight other organisations that provide A-level provision for Fareham.

‘It’s not something we wanted to do. But what we’re working with is another provider who will look to relaunch A-levels in September 2014.

Mr Duncan added that some members of staff have been offered other positions in the college.

‘We’re working with every member of staff to try to mitigate as much as we can,’ he said.

The college will be offering all existing AS students a full range of A2 subjects from this September. Some A-level subjects will still run, but there won’t be any full-time courses for students.

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