Joy for couple who became parents while taking GCSEs

Kyle Wiggins (16) with twins Elizabeth Jayne Wiggins and Victoria Faith Wiggins and Leighanne Crampton (16) ' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (132330-8140)
Kyle Wiggins (16) with twins Elizabeth Jayne Wiggins and Victoria Faith Wiggins and Leighanne Crampton (16) ' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (132330-8140)

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REVISING for GCSEs is tough going for any teenager.

But imagine finding out you are going to become parents to twins in your final year of school.

That’s exactly what happened to teenage sweethearts Kyle Wiggins and Leighanne Crampton, known as Lilly.

The 16-year-old Park Community School pupils also had the added worry of learning their twin daughters may not have survived because of a dangerous foetal condition meaning one twin was getting all the nutrients.

But yesterday the couple, from Leigh Park, proudly took their healthy six-week-old bundles of joy into school to pick up their excellent results.

Lilly said: ‘We had both planned our future after school and I had a place lined up to be an apprentice travel agent.

‘I also had an interview for an accountancy apprenticeship when I found out I was pregnant.

‘It was a real shock because I was already 16 weeks gone.

‘Then a few weeks later the doctors told us to get ready to go to London because the twins had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

‘It was so horrible but, in the end, instead of an operation we had to go to hospital every single day – 13 weeks – until the babies were born. It meant we were hardly at school for the final few months.

‘The babies were born by caesarean section at 33 weeks and they were healthy. They had to stay in for four weeks but it’s amazing to have them home.

‘I’m happy with my results but if I hadn’t had so much drama I could’ve done even better!’

Lilly scored a B and four Cs and intends to start an apprenticeship as soon as she is able.

Meanwhile boyfriend Kyle achieved one B and six Cs, securing his place on an engineering apprenticeship.

He said: ‘I’ve always loved cars and been interested in how they work so an engineering apprenticeship was just the right thing.

‘I was worried for a bit when we first found out Lilly was pregnant but I knew we would work our way round it.

‘I want to get the best job I can to provide for Lilly and the kids. They are just perfect.’

Despite missing a lot of time off school in the final months there was no doubt from teachers that they would both do well. Stuart Cavanagh, who is in charge of student progress, said: ‘They’re both very good students who have worked hard despite a rather complicated year.

‘Both did well in their exams. They’re very well adjusted pupils who are looking to carry on with their education and make the very best of their lives.’

Elizabeth was the donor twin, which meant, in the womb, her sister was taking all of her nutrients too.

She was born weighing 3lbs 12ozs. Elizabeth has a hole in her heart and requires regular medical attention but is otherwise healthy.

Victoria was born weighing 4lb 12oz and is now thriving.

They live with Lilly’s parents and brother and sister.

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