Joy for parents and toddlers as group is saved

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YOUNGSTERS celebrated the secured future of a popular children’s centre by throwing a party.

Around 40 children and their parents held a celebration at the Little Tots Nursery at the Drayton Centre in Havant Road, Drayton.

The children beamed with delight as they played with an array of different toys and indulged in party food.

The weekly parent and toddler group was at risk of closing as no one wanted to take it on after 12 years of giving parents and their pre-school children somewhere to meet and interact.

But it was saved after Michelle Wade, the Havant and district representative of the National Child Birth Trust (NCT), organised for the NCT take it over.

She brought her children Adam, 15 months, and Benjamin, three, to enjoy the party.

She said: ‘There’s not a lot of baby groups on a Friday .

‘It’s a popular group as you get mums from Drayton, Farlington and Cosham all coming here.’

Carolyn Mills, 32, from Cranborne Road, Cosham, took nine-month-old Milly to the party.

She said: ‘This group is really important.

‘It’s a lovely group and a chance for everyone to meet, have a coffee and relax.

‘Without this group when I first started coming here I didn’t know anyone in the area and you make so many new friends.

‘I’m really looking forward to the future and the children love it here.’

Claire Moret, 37, from Drayton, brings daughter Matilda, two, to the group.

She said: ‘I came here from Luton three years ago and found it to be a very friendly and welcoming place for me to meet people and talk about things that wasn’t just about babies.

‘My four-year-old daughter Georgina came here too and it means that she is just starting school with children she knows from the group.

‘If it wasn’t for this group, I wouldn’t have known about other places in the area and recommendations from parents is better than surfing through the internet.’