Juggling, jumps and jolly smiles at the circus school

Youngsters attempt the human pyramid at the circus skills day. Pictures: Malcolm Wells
Youngsters attempt the human pyramid at the circus skills day. Pictures: Malcolm Wells
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The circus came to town for children at Gosport Discovery Centre.

Fifteen youngsters enrolled at Matt Blossom’s circus school to learn the art of the big tent.

They were given the chance to discover how to juggle, spin plates, ride a unicycle and master the art of acrobatics.

Matt said: ‘The kids love it as it is quite rare for them to be able to learn this.

‘I am one of the only teachers in the area who teaches circus skills without dressing up like a clown.’

Over the years he has taught thousands of children and adults to become circus performers.

‘I have kids who return each school holiday as they enjoy it so much,’ said Matt.

During the week Matt put together a daring act that he hadn’t tried with previous groups. ‘I got the children to do a pyramid with four on the bottom then three, two and one,’ he said. ‘It is something I wouldn’t usually do but these kids were amazing and were listening so we thought we would try it,’ said Matt.

The circus apprentices managed the stunt, and the children were given the opportunity to showcase their talents at the end of the week.

‘We invited the children’s parents in to watch a special performance that we put on,’ said Matt.

He also runs workshops where children can learn magic.

‘These are so popular as it is appearing a lot on television at the moment,’ said Matt.

At the sessions, youngsters discover how to how to climb through a sheet of paper, find out which parent can escape from a straitjacket the fastest – and much more.

Matt said: ‘Sometimes we combine magic and the circus skills which the kids really enjoy.’

The circus school will run in the summer holidays at the Discovery Centre on July 31 and there is a magic session on August 10.

To find out more about the holiday clubs taking place visit mattblossom.com.