Keeping mums and kids warm at refuge

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BIG-hearted students are doing their bit to help women who suffer domestic abuse.

The Student Union at South Downs College is asking staff and students to donate any unwanted clothes to support Havant Women’s Aid.

The refuge is in need of clothes for women and children – particularly gloves, hats and socks.

Many women arrive at the refuge with only the clothes they are wearing and so providing them with a change of clothes is important.

Shannon Turner, an officer with the Student Union, said: ‘I had six pairs of gloves this year, but I have donated five of them to the appeal.

‘I only need one pair, and my spare ones can now go to someone who really needs them.’

Havant Women’s Aid provides services to people who are experiencing abuse in their relationships. It runs refuges offering temporary accommodation to women and children who are escaping domestic violence.

To donate to the clothes appeal email