Kind Euan sells cakes for charity

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YOUNG pupil Euan Lee-Cann raised £75 for charity by organising and hosting his own coffee morning.

The six-year-old pupil at Rookesbury Park School in Wickham was praised by headmaster Erawin Olie for his generous contribution towards the Honeypot charity.

The charity provides breaks for young carers and children who are deemed to be at risk.

Mr Olie said he was impressed by Euan’s work.

‘It is fantastic to see any pupil taking such a proactive role toward charity fundraising,’ he said. ‘I am so proud of what Euan has achieved.

‘Honeypot is a charity that we, as a school, are promoting this year and it is super when you realise that children such as Euan can do so much to help others.’

Euan, who held the event at his school earlier this month, said he had a lot of fun organising the event.

The youngster said: ‘I helped make all the cakes and took the money from people.

‘I had to explain all about Honeypot and how they helped children.

‘I had a really good time.’