Leigh Park school tops the table for progress

PLEASED Left, Becky Nunn, 16, from Leigh Park and Steph Wood, 16, from Havant celebrating good GCSE results.  (113041-907)
PLEASED Left, Becky Nunn, 16, from Leigh Park and Steph Wood, 16, from Havant celebrating good GCSE results. (113041-907)
From left, Paul Stanley, Jo Crisp, George Heasman, Mercedes Bevan, Luke Galea and Bethany Bevan from Highbury College

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STUDENTS at a school in Leigh Park make the best progress compared with secondaries across The News’ region, official figures from the Department for Education show.

Despite being located in one of the country’s most deprived areas, Park Community GCSE students are getting excellent exam results compared with what was expected of them when they came up from primary school.

This Value Added measure can be seen in today’s school tables, which also shows 54 per cent of Park Community students achieved the ‘gold standard’ of five good GCSEs with English and maths.

Chris Anders, head, said: ‘I am clearly delighted with the results which were a record for us and for the first time put us above the 50 per cent threshold.

‘Having good GCSEs in English and maths is very important in terms of life opportunities, and we aim for all of our children to achieve that no matter what their starting points are.

‘And with the high value added score it reassures me that our students have made fantastic progress and that teachers have worked effectively with parents and children to get really good outcomes.’

In Waterlooville, Oaklands Catholic School returned the region’s third best ‘gold standard’ results.

Matt Quinn, head, said: ‘We are delighted with the outcome.

‘Our success is down to more than the quality of the teaching – it’s to do with the community approach to learning, having parents on board and making the best use of the opportunities our cluster of schools in the area provides.’

But there are even more telling statistics that are being published in our paper today for the first time.

A new table reveals the percentage of underachieving primary school leavers who won five good GCSEs five years down the line – against the odds.

Purbrook Park School did well to ensure ten per cent of those youngsters achieved the gold standard.

And a second table identifies the percentage of primary school high-fliers who were expected to get As and Bs at GCSE – but failed to win five good GCSEs.

Meanwhile, the English Baccalaureate award for five set subjects which education secretary Michael Gove is keen to make the new benchmark went up in some schools, down in others, and was non existent in two – Park Community and Havant Academy.