Life skills lessons for students at Bay House School in Gosport

(left to right), teacher Jo Wandless, Abigail Filkins (15), Helen Osborne from Barclays and Amy Varndell (14).'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (143452-2)
(left to right), teacher Jo Wandless, Abigail Filkins (15), Helen Osborne from Barclays and Amy Varndell (14).'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (143452-2)

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STUDENTS have been preparing for the world of work at a life skills workshop.

Year 10 pupils at Bay House School in Gosport took part in the education programme, run by Barclays Bank, that aims to equip students with the skills they need to get their first job.

It included interview training and CV writing.

They learned people skills such as communication and personal presentation and got tips on managing a budget.

Abigail Filkins, 15, is in Year 10. She said: ‘It’s useful because it helps us for the future when we are trying to do interviews.

‘It gave us tips on how to do well.

‘If we went straight into interviews, we would be nervous. But having help with it means it will be better for us.’

Amy Varndell, 14, also in Year 10, said: ‘It helps you get a job and it helps with the nerves so we don’t sit in the room not knowing what to say.

‘Now, we have an idea of what to do and what to say.

‘It’s good that we learn at this age so we have skills to get a job and a good career.’

Jo Wandless is the careers co-ordinator at the school.

She said: ‘It prepares them well for their working life.

‘They are applying for work experience at the moment for next year so it’s preparing them for that as well. It helps with their confidence and gives them an alternative to normal lessons.’

Alice Hendy is a life skills co-ordinator from Barclays. She worked with the children as part of the programme.

She said: ‘It’s providing students with a session that highlights key employability skills.

‘This particular session was around helping students to prepare for an interview and how to behave in a workplace environment.

‘They got an insight into employability skills from Barclays staff members who have background knowledge of the banking industry.’

Alice said there was a good response from students.

‘They came out feeling very positive,’ she said.

‘The teachers feel very positive as well and re-book workshops on the back of it. We encourage students to work with online content as well.’

The workshops are run for youngsters aged between 11 and 19.

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