Live broadcasts good for football, says University of Portsmouth expert

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MORE Premiership football games should be broadcast live, says an economist at the University of Portsmouth.

Adam Cox, who studied data on numbers through the gates at Premiership matches from 2004 to 2008, said: ‘The arguments put forward by the Premier League for the way it currently collectively sells limited rights are to protect the financial interests of the member clubs.

‘However, the evidence suggests all three parties – fans, broadcasters and clubs – would be better off if the number of Premiership matches shown on television was increased.

‘The Premier League is acting as a cartel to protect clubs’ gate revenue by artificially limiting the number of rights to screen games, but this behaviour is limiting profit for them and the clubs.

‘New data shows broadcasting live football matches does have an effect on the number of people through the gate to watch matches, but this effect is outweighed by the earnings clubs make from selling the television rights.’