Make a date for guns and drills

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A DRILL instructor at the Royal Armouries Museum Fort Nelson will put children through their paces when they enlist in the volunteer army.

Youngsters are invited to put on traditional uniforms and have a go at authentic marching drills, then work in teams to charge, ram, load and simulate firing the bronze three-pounder Mountain Gun this weekend.

Visitors can get up close with history in the Victorian-themed insight sessions.

On the parade, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the 16-pounder gun and its role in the hospital gallery, and the pioneering work of Florence Nightingale will be highlighted with the chance to examine a replica Victorian medicine bag and its contents.

They can also see the Royal Armouries powerful 16-pounder rifled muzzle-loading gun in action.

The fun begins at 10.30am on Saturday and finishes at 5pm on Sunday at the fort on Portsdown Hill Road.

The gun drills and marching are £3.50. Call 01329 848532 to book.