Maths lessons for a week adds up to fun for Gosport pupils

NUMBERS GAME Pupils from Holbrook Primary School use ballons to help them with their maths
NUMBERS GAME Pupils from Holbrook Primary School use ballons to help them with their maths

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MANY children would be heavy-hearted at the prospect of just one maths lesson a day.

But one school in Gosport scheduled maths, maths and more maths every minute of every day of this week.

And the subject is proving to be a bit hit.

Clowns making geometrical shapes with balloons, bankers advising on finances and credit cards, youngsters selling homemade nibbles and trips to the Fun City adventure playground are a few of the mathematical activities that have replaced the normal timetable.

Evan Wright, eight, said: ‘I’m beginning to see how maths is a part of real life.

‘I’ve enjoyed this week – especially the visit to Fun City where we were timing each other on the slides and measuring who could run certain distances the fastest.

‘There is a lot more to maths than sitting in a classroom and doing your sums.’

Sasha Reynolds-Mustoe, nine, said: ‘We’ve been doing maths all the time and it’s so much fun.

‘In the lessons we’ve worked in teams to solve problems and puzzles and there were lots of interesting visitors who have shown us how useful maths can be.

‘I do find maths hard at times, but what we’ve done this week has taught me a lot because there have been a lot of practical things to do which makes it easier.’

Chloe Ingle, seven, added: ‘Seeing Bubbles the Clown was my favourite part, she made me laugh.

‘We helped her make shapes with the balloons.

‘I never realised you could find maths in fun things like balloons.’

Behind the uplifting maths week is a serious strategy by Holbrook to get children more enthusiastic about the core subject and drive up good pass rates.

In the last academic year, 73 per cent of Year Six school-leavers achieved the expected Level 4 pass rate for maths in their Key Stage Two exams, and 19 per cent exceeded that to achieve level five.

This year, the target is 77 per cent and 32 per cent respectively.

The school’s maths manager Lesley Severs said: ‘We’re covering all aspects of maths this week in a fun and entertaining way because we want all our children to achieve their best.’