Mum ‘disgusted’ after 15-year-old schoolboy son faced isolation for not wearing a blazer

Stella Mbubaegbu, principal of Highbury College Picture: Chris Moorhouse

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A MOTHER says she is ‘disgusted’ after her son was excluded from classes because she could not afford to buy him a blazer.

Marion Powell has spoken out after her 15-year-old son Bradley was punished after turning up to Park Community School without the item of uniform.

Marion Powell with her son Bradley, 15     'Picture : Habibur Rahman

Marion Powell with her son Bradley, 15 'Picture : Habibur Rahman

Taken to ‘isolation’ – a disciplinary room where pupils sit and work silently in individual cubicles – Bradley was unable to participate in his scheduled lessons on Thursday.

Mrs Powell, 32 from Havant, said: ‘I’m disgusted. He has been sent to isolation for something that just isn’t his fault.’

‘I rang the school previous to him starting again to explain the situation, so for him to be put straight into isolation is unfair.

‘I went and picked him up from school and brought him home as soon as I heard.’

Bradley, who is in Year 11, said: ‘Because I was pulled out of class I missed GCSE lessons I really needed to do.

‘The room is really small, you don’t get any breaks and you’re sent to get lunch early so you don’t see any of your friends. ‘It’s not really my fault, wthere’s nothing I can do to stop the situation.’

Upon picking Bradley up, Marion saw a uniform notice board at the school – which is also available online – that read: ‘Parents who are unable to purchase the correct uniform for their child due to financial difficulties should approach the school to seek advice and further guidance.’

With this in mind, she vowed to send Bradley to school again the next day without a blazer – which usually costs about £27.99.

This time, she says, the school was more supportive.

She said: ‘The school has given Bradley a blazer on the grounds that I make a small cash donation.

‘Money shouldn’t get in the way of a child’s education.

‘I’m glad Bradley is back because he can now learn properly again.’

Christopher Anders, headteacher of Park Community School, said: ‘Blazers have been part of our uniform as a school for eight years now, but from September we made the decision to make them compulsory.

‘I’m hope we have resolved this particular situation.

‘It’s important children look smart and represent their school in a professional way.

‘But at the same time, we try to make sure our uniform is as affordable as possible.

‘It was important in this situation that the school could support this pupil.’