Museum expands its education programme

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HISTORY will come alive for thousands of schoolchildren after the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson expanded its education programme.

The Victorian fort near Fareham has changed its programme to coincide with the new national curriculum.

This year’s programme will roll out new sessions that enable pupils to explore timelines and the concept of chronology by viewing and handling museum objects dating back 600 years.

Fort Nelson is a fully-restored, 19th century fortress.

Last month the museum secured a Sandford Award for heritage education.

Royal Armouries’ education officer Eileen Clegg said: ‘As a fully-restored Victorian fort, Fort Nelson is an ideal place to take pupils on a trip back through time as they can actually tread in the footsteps of the men and women who lived and worked here, both during the 19th century and the two world wars.

‘Our aim is to give schoolchildren a unique insight into the concept of chronology and the history of our nation, from pre-history to the present day.’