Naval engineer hoping to inspire the next generation

University of Portsmouth celebrates staff and students

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An engineer instructor from HMS Collingwood has completed his induction to become a Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) Ambassador for young people.

Petty Officer engineering technician weapon engineer Alan Bates, currently based at the Maritime Warfare School, attended the science centre at Winchester after taking his first steps in becoming involved in the voluntary STEM programme, recognising the nationwide need for support to inspire young people’s interest within STEM based careers.

The induction session explored the reasons and importance behind the government’s recent push within these fields highlighting their concerns about the current shortage of engineers throughout various organisations. 

Alan said: ‘We currently have a shortage of engineers within the Royal Navy and this is also the case for most major employers throughout the UK, with a lack of female engineers especially. 

‘The aim of the STEM programme is to inspire school children and young students, allowing their interest to grow.

‘Becoming an ambassador lets me directly influence and inspire the next generation to explore engineering by providing practical application to match the theory.

‘I have chosen to become involved in this programme as it’s incredibly rewarding and it will have a positive knock-on effect for us in the Royal Navy, hopefully encouraging and educating young people about careers in the various engineering branches we offer.

‘I strongly recommend any engineering naval personnel of any rank to get actively involved in shaping the Navy’s future through this programme, as well as furthering their own pool of experience.’

The STEM ambassadors programme enables anyone with STEM skills, and a career within those fields related, to inspire young people and demonstrate 
the possibilities of STEM subjects and careers.

The programme is government-funded and is supported by more than 800 employers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.